When Christmas is coming, it can be very hard to stay focused at Supermarkets and avoid buying everything you see in adverts.  In order to avoid whirlwind whistle-blowing into your bank account, the authors of “Reader’s Digest” recommend valuable ways how to shop smart, avoid falling into the trap and get bankrupt.

Limit the number of stores

The more stores you visit, the more items you will buy. Many people explain this decision by the idea that they are merely comparing goods, but after long periods of shopping around the shops, there is an unwillingness to reward themselves with effort, which is why often things that are not really needed to end up in the shopping bag.

Don’t go shopping alone

Remember that the seller is interested in selling the product, so it cannot be ruled out that he also embellishes the truth a little, for example, says that these pants look just great for you, though maybe other pants at the next store could look better. For this reason, it is advisable to always bring along a friend or girlfriend who will truly be able to help you understand whether a particular item is worth spending or not – a shopping companion will also be great at finding Christmas presents by sharing ideas and comments.

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The most convenient way to pay leave at home

How many people think that banknotes disappear from a purse faster than from bank account. Others say that paying with a card helps to lose how much money is actually spent. To avoid buying too many unnecessary items at the store and keeping track of your budget, simply leave your credit card or cash at home with the convenience of paying.


How many hours will I have to work?

Another way to avoid spending a lot of money in a store is to understand how much this product costs in time, or how long it will earn its price. Each employee has an hourly rate, pay per piece, or a proportional salary to find out how much he or she gets during the day, so you can clearly see if the effort you make is appropriate to the amount you are paid.

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Make yourself go away

There are items that you seem to fall in love with. However, sometimes we also buy different items, which are labeled “Not bad and will be useful sometime.” The advice is not to buy this item right away, but to postpone it until the next day – unless you have left the idea that you really need this purchase, it will be helpful to not just stand in the cupboard, go back to the store and buy it. If you don’t have that feeling, you’ve saved your hard-earned money!

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