Not only the destination itself is important when traveling, but the journey to it – often you have to spend a lot of time at airports when traveling abroad. Samsung has put together eight suggestions on how to make this seemingly wasteful waiting time more fun.

Walk with purpose

Challenge yourself by walking around the airport – if you use a smartwatch, set yourself a step goal, like 10,000, and walk through all boarding sectors until you reach your goal. Not only will you move out, but you’ll also discover an unseen corner, even at a familiar airport.

Talk to a stranger

People from a variety of countries and cultures meet at airports, so those who like to talk can meet and talk to other bored passengers, not only getting to know other cultures but possibly making new friends on their next trip.

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Play games

Small board games, card games, word games, mobile game consoles or smartphone games – everyone has the choice of the game they prefer. When playing games, time will pass unnoticed.

Do your job

Those who are not on vacation, but on a business trip, can make good use of waiting time by making missed jobs. Business lounges at airports, where comfortable seating and work desks, drinks and snacks, and more, are great.


Use time for beauty care

Beauty salons are also available at many airports, so you can use waiting times for a variety of treatments that don’t have time in your every day – enjoy a facial massage, a manicure or a haircut.

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A quick city tour

If you need to spend several hours passing through the airport, consider whether you can drive to see the nearest city. By train or subway, the city center can often be reached within minutes, while some airports offer special express bus tours to and from the city. Make sure you have necessary travel documents, so once you leave the airport you can still get back.

Attends exhibitions

Major airports often organize various exhibitions of local art, science, history or special events, or small museums to visit to learn more about the country and its culture.

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