In the civilized world, there is a very common way to replace your smartphone. You simply return your one or two-year-old smartphone and get a great discount for a new one.

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As a result of such smartphone switching, statistics show that more and more iPhone smartphones are being replaced with Android. In this way of exchange, it is possible to evaluate exactly who was the manufacturer of the old smartphone and what is the new smartphone. The absolute winner of this swap is Samsung with its Galaxy smartphones.

iPhone users’ loyalty is estimated to have fallen by 15% since October last year – when people were returning the old iPhone and buying an Android smartphone instead.

Other studies indicate that trust in the iPhone is the lowest since 2011 – only 70.8% of iPhone users continue to buy their next smartphone from Apple. In 2018, this figure exceeded 90%. In the opposite direction, about 5.7% of smartphone changers go from Android to Apple for iOS. Data are collected from 38,000 swaps.

Such statistics are not surprising, as Apple has been pushing up smartphone prices in recent years. Samsung and other big manufacturers have also raised prices, but not so much. Apple also previously admitted that iPhone prices were to blame for the sales decline.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted in January that iPhone sales were down 15% when compared to the same three months in 2017. Cook also acknowledged that the price of the iPhone is one of the many reasons for the decline in revenue. Although he did not explicitly acknowledge that the iPhone was too expensive, he pointed out that the major problem is the US dollar value, which in many countries significantly increased the price of the iPhone.

Let’s see if iPhone 11’s will change this and Apple be great again.

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