1. When you express your opinion, do not be aggressive or overly eager, be calm and keep short and b confident.
  2. Speak in a lower voice. The louder the voice, the harder it is to hold other people’s attention.
  3. Wear glasses. 43% of Americans think that glasses make a person’s image clearer and smarter.
  4. People who know jokes seem more attractive and intelligent than those who tell new facts or stand out with their knowledge.
  5. The less makeup, the better! Choose a natural makeup, if you want to highlight your eyes, then definitely do not paint bright lips and vice versa.
  6. Believe in yourself! People who express their confidence are the real winners of life. Such people can also reach the heights of success, even if they are not as knowledgeable as others think, but what they truly know is presented here as a true masterpiece! Develop the skills of an actress.
  7. Be neat and nice. Do not excel in your superiority, do not constantly try to prove your wisdom, you are a pleasant person to whom people are willing to turn.
  8. Uses your middle name initial. This will make your name sound more intelligent.
  9. Don’t be too slow or too fast. Research from Boston University shows that we unconsciously think that people who complete tasks with others are smarter.
  10. People look less intelligent when they  drink or have a drink in their hands. It turns out that we unconsciously associate it with alcohol consumption.

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