No matter how much you love him, no matter how long you are together, there are a few rules that every woman should remember. Often in a relationship, we forget our values and surrender to control. These are the things you can’t change because of men.

Don’t forget your dreams

If you want to get a second higher education, go and study! If you want to learn a new language or paint, apply for a course! Your husband doesn’t like this idea at all? Then you have to talk seriously. Just because a new person has come into your life (or you have been together for a long time) does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams. You are also a personality and you deserve growth.

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Don’t change your views

Your view on life is constant throughout your life. Lying is unacceptable, stealing leads straight to prison, sex before the wedding is unacceptable – beliefs can vary. If you disagree with any of your man’s statements or actions, you have to talk about it. Remorse and unwanted change of opinion are ways to poison any relationship.

Don’t change your appearance

Women love to change. Plus, a woman needs to change! Only external changes must be born within us, not outside. Yes, we are influenced by magazines and social media, of course, but you shouldn’t let it take over your life. It is even more important not to be influenced by a man. He would like you to have bigger breasts, less weight, and blonde hair, even though you are naturally a brunette? Does he insist on that? Get rid of such a man. The real one won’t ask you for something like that.


Don’t forget your girlfriends

No matter how much your loved one is being teased by your girlfriends, remember that they did not become such for no reason. Every person who enters our lives is a reflection of our versatile self. Every girlfriend brings something valuable to our lives: with one you can have fun around the shops, with the other you can warm up the club or laugh to the tears in the morning, and with the third, you can share painful, very personal issues. A man can not 100% replace all these people. Take care of your girlfriends.

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Don’t play a fool

In many cases, appearing stupid and helpless than you really are, is enough to be invited to the next date. But there are two problems here. First of all, it is tiring, especially if you are really smart and self-sufficient. Secondly, sooner or later he will feel your lies, then he will feel tricked and the fabulous relationship will be in great danger.

Don’t let him control you

Everyone in a relationship has the right to freedom, thought, expression and movement.  If your sweetheart thinks differently, you might wonder: Isn’t there a tyrant next to you? And how long can you live with someone who doesn’t consider you as a human?

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Don’t start a family if you don’t want to

You only have to do it yourself. Because it is the mother who has the honor of taking care of the children and raising them, it is the moms who are more worried about the children, and it is the mother who has to carry a baby for 9 months! You do not have to give in to the pressure of the man if you do not want the children themselves.

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