Once there was a girl named Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg. When she was 11, she fell into a general state of depression, stopped school for a while, stopped eating.

Soon Doctors set up a diagnosis for Greta and her sister – Asperger’s syndrome. Autistic psychopathy, hyperactivity and attention deficit syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is characterized by obsessive thoughts and pathological fears. Due to the nature of her illness, Greta can for many years concentrate on one task and that’s it.

Desire to change climate became her obsessive thought.

Thunberg says she first heard about climate change in 2011. She was 8 years old, and could not understand why so little was being done about it.

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After hearing ecological stories, Thunberg devoted herself to the subject with fanatic desire. Abandoned meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, leather goods, wool, silk, and other animal products. She also forced her family to become vegan, put on solar panels at home, ride bikes, and give up flying, which of course had a serious impact on her mother’s – singing career.  In a surge of patriotism, she forced her family to give away their villa to make there a ‘refugee’ shelter.

The climate crisis makes learning in schools meaningless at all.

On August 20, 2018, 15-year-old Greta Tunberg refused to go to school until politicians would start to pay attention to the problem of global warming. She created a poster Skolstrejk för klimate (school strike for the climate), printed a stack of posters, and sat down at the Riksdag building.

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On the same day, social networking started to create advertising for her. At the end of the week, dozens of similar thinking persons joined her. Meanwhile, the biggest Swedish newspapers wrote about school strike. Greta received support from many MPs. From the ruling Socialist Labor Party, the Green Party, the Left, and the Center Party.

On September 8, Greta announced that she is not going to stop and announced her “Fridays for the Future” movement as an indefinite event, inviting everyone in the world to join it. And indeed, young activists around the world have launched protests at parliament buildings, posting reports on Instagram. A mass of students joined them. In Greta’s opinion, the climate crisis makes learning in schools meaningless at all.

What Greta started is spreading like a virus.

In October 2018, Thunberg appeared twice at the UN and met with Secretary-General António Guterres. In January 2019, she attended the Davos Forum, calling for real action under the applause of the world’s political and business elite.


On March 15, 2019, around 2,000 protests in 123 countries took part in the campaign on “Fridays for the Future”, with 1.6 million people participating. German Chancellor Marcel spoke of this as a “very good initiative” and former US President Obama wrote a tweet praising the brave, devoted new “leaders”
On March 29-31, Greta visited Berlin, where she performed in front of a 25,000 audience gathering at the Brandenburg Gate. There she was awarded a special prize during the Golden Chamber of the German Film and Television Industry ceremony.

At the Begining of April, during the applause storm, Greta spoke to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, criticizing those for the three Brexit emergency summits and no environmental emergency summit. In May, she attended the Vienna Conference organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She then met with Pope Francis and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. Hollywood stars and media giants admire her. In Sweden, Tunberg has already been named Woman of the Year, and US magazine Times has named her one of the 100 most powerful figures of 2019. On June 7, Amnesty International, sponsored by the EC, a number of Western governments, and the Clinton Clan, awarded Greta a “Conscience Messenger”

Journalists stand in line to get an interview from her. She always looks extremely serious and purposeful. Greta uses sophisticated political terms with amazing ease – says The Telegraph.


The girl says she writes her many speeches herself.
“Illness has made me different, but I think not to be like others, it’s a gift. It helps me look at things from a different perspective. It’s hard to fool me, I see things in the right light. That’s why people listen to me.”

“Greta Tunberg – Prophet of our time!”

Greta’s worship is already taking on a religious dimension.
Gretha’s mother Malen gives her child superhuman abilities – the EURASIA DAILY media quoted her as saying: Gretha belongs to a small group of people who can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye.
Lutheran church in one of Malmo’s districts declared Greta as the Jesus’ chosen successor.
Swedish Riksdag MPs from the Left Party and Norwegian Storting MPs from the Socialist Left party have already nominated Gret for the Nobel Peace Prize.

There is no doubt that Greta Tunberg is a globalist project.

The very first adverts for her created a Scandinavian left-wing globalist. Then for a while, the project was curated by Swedish PR specialist and businessman Ingmar Rentzhog, who has already managed to raise millions of dollars on his ‘start-up’ using the name of Greta.


In the winter of 2018/2019, very serious structures, such as the Club of Rome, were involved in promoting the project. On March 14they published a special newsletter in support of Gretta. The direct management is carried out by the Soros Foundation and Global Marshall Plan by Al Gore, a well-known climate fraudster.

All this Thunberg team also provides security, guidance, speeches. Many of the photos next to Greta show young German political scientist Louise Maria Neubauer. She’s a Soros Open Society Foundation member and also a member of the Bill / Melinda Gates Global Foundation ONE.

No human influence on the climate happens

And a little bit about what it all means. It’s scientifically and historically proved that no human influence on the climate happens. Climate change is occurring always and independently of man throughout the history of the earth.

But the protests about the need now to curtail industry, to abandon nuclear power plants, hydropower stations and coal burning is the plan of Golden Billion. This means that it is not the lack of resources that endangers the planet, but the rackless use of them.


If everyone wanted to live like the US, where 5% of the planet’s population consumes 40% of the world’s resources and produces 50% of the world’s waste, then it is logical that the world is in danger of disaster. China with its huge industry producing one-time items giant trash hills are also not sustainable in the long run – that’s clear.

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But it is also understandable that the planet is able to feed 20 billion at reasonable resource use. Both hunger and rich countries are all political decision results.

Long-cherished depopulation project

And that is why the Golden Billion with this stoping of classic energy resources actually triggers the long-cherished depopulation project. There is no alternative to energy in the world today. All ‘green projects’ – solar panels, wind generators, etc. are absolutely inefficient. They spend more energy than they can ever produce.

In addition, wind generators use poisonous neodymium magnets manufactured only in China. The purpose of this climate hysteria is to lowering technology and living standards in the world to the point of rapidly reducing the planet’s population. With 5G and taking away cash – there will be left a Golden Billion team, another team to serve them, and a third to wander around the planet as nomads and restore the ecology.


The rest should not exist here. Greta is the best example and inspiration for the formation of an uneducated generation of protesters who will not need schools at all, but the meaning of life will consist of stumbling across protests.

Greta Thunberg without a script to read from.





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