Last-minute trip

Go on an adventure! Pack your bags with your other half for different occasions and head to the airport to see what’s on offer – get on a flight you can afford and your adventures may begin.

Solo tour

If you feel need to start a new phase of your life and raise your self-esteem, go solo. The name itself tells you that you must take such a journey alone. Choose a destination you’ve been wanting to travel for. On this journey you will create memories for yourself.

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A journey of passion

Like to cook? Head to Italy. Do you like flowers and are passionate about gardening? Head to the Netherlands. Most likely, any hobby has a “destination” of its own. It will take your beloved pursuit to a whole other level – this is a journey of the soul because you are just doing what is exciting.

Relaxing journey

When you feel that everything in life is too much – too much work, too much study or too much stress in your private life – take a vacation and go on a relaxing journey. It can be a southern beach, a northern mountain cabin or a tropical forest tree house – the key is to go to a place that will relax you. Only bring along relatives who do not “drive your stress”.

Train travel

Traveling by train is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it a convenient and fast travel opportunity, but it is also rich in scenic travel. The US and Canada offer national train tours for about $ 300. Nature is beautiful.


Friends’ journey

Arrange a week-long vacation and go on a trip. Choose a destination that you can all afford financially – it doesn’t have to be a tropical country. Only invite friends who are not in conflict and those who do not “stress out” to join.

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Active leisure trip

This can be considered a journey of experience and self-healing. Go where you’ve never been before. Choose activities suited to your physical fitness (eg rock climbing, swimming, cycling, etc.), but choose longer distances than you initially think you could overcome. The feeling of reaching your destination will be indescribable!

Traveling by car

Car should be used for longer distances, such as Euro-trip. Take the people closest to you (even if the relationship is not perfect), but everyone should drive in one car instead of several. The key here is to make your own route – go where you want and spend as much time there as you like.


Volunteer trip

Get involved in a volunteer journey – it will be the perfect way to broaden your horizons and do things you haven’t even heard of. If you have a spirit of passion, go ahead – this trip will turn your world around 360 degrees!

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Ancestral trail tour

It is important for everyone to know where they came from, even if they do not recognize it. Take an ancestral trail journey – take your grandparents in the car and take them on their childhood and youth days. Let them tell about their memories in each place. You will be able to tell these stories to your children and grandchildren.


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