Here are 7 tips to help you find your right man and avoid wasting time with completely insane types. Remember these tips if you want to leave a good impression.

1. Dress classy.

Maybe you think showing off your body with deep décolleté or jeans that highlight your butt is harmless, but that’s not the case! You signal that you want to be easily accessible. Do you really want to leave that impression?

2. Don’t please

Women often are ready to please men in regards to like him.  Don’t waste time on a man you don’t find attractive or interesting. Often women want to make inaccessible men their lovers. What would you do with him if you really had a relationship? Do you think he will become a caring and reliable man? Quit and find the other half that suits you.

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3. Don’t stalk.

Don’t stalk his past or present! Women are curious and yet there must be some limit. How would you feel if you were asked about the thickness of your wallet, where you lived and your ex? Wait when you get closer. Take your time, you’ll know it all, but not instantly!

4. Talking too much

You speak for so long that you do not notice that he can no longer hear you. Remember that secrecy is especially appealing and at least at first you should definitely not complain about your work, your private life and tell him how many kids you want…


5. Mysticist

Fan of horoscopes? Already announce your zodiac sign is Leo and ask what his zodiac sign is? Maybe you even ask him what day and time he was born to study his star map and maybe plan to use taro cards after a date? Of course, a polite question about his zodiac sign is not tragic, but don’t use it to investigate your compatibility… If you feel like a click, then it is and doesn’t listen to the star charts.

6. Pressure

If you’re on a date with a man and your phone rings, you should definitely not pick it up and talk to one of your girlfriends about how great this guy is (in his presence) so you can really scare him and not expect another date.

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7. Compliment neutralization

He gives nice compliments? Then let it! You don’t even realize how much men hate when they give a compliment and lady rejects it. For example, he says you have a very beautiful dress and you answer that it’s been in your closet for 5 years… Don’t do it and accept the compliments, remember it!

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