The well-known Loch Ness Lake monster Nessie was most likely a gigantic eel, says New Zealand scientists after deciding to compile a catalog of Loch Ness Lake flora and fauna, the BBC reports.

The scientists had not gone on an expedition to discover the mystery of the Loch Ness monster – they went to the lake to collect water for research, but after seeing 250 samples of DNA, they noticed something else.

It turned out that there were no giant animals on the lake, like the Loch Ness monster, and most likely never existed.

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Although many thought that the Loch Ness monster might be a dinosaur who lived on the lake, this theory turned out to be false. The only animal that can reach such a large size while living in the lake is the eel. Scientists also reject the theory that the monster may have been a large catfish or a polar shark.

One of the scientists, in a conversation with the BBC, shared his thoughts on the Loch Ness monster Nessie: “We didn’t find any trace of DNA analysis indicating that in the lake would live something even remotely similar to a dinosaur. But the water contains a lot of eel DNA. We cannot rule out the possibility that the monster supposedly seen by the locals might have been a huge eel.

Several years ago, Russian fishermen also demanded an investigation in Siberia, Lake Chan, because there was a mysterious creature. They claimed that the unidentified beast had a long neck and tail, a gigantic back, and other features that also characterize the mysterious Nessie.

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