On July 25, 2019, a Twitter user Nick Hinton began a “conspiracy thread,” asking “Did the World End in 2012?”

“I’ve wanted to talk about this subject for a while now. The other day I had a random urge to look into it again and read some old stuff. You know, just for ‘fun’. Ever since then, I’ve noticed other people talking about it again.



But the strangest part is… I can’t find anything online about it anymore. Like I said, you can find people talking about it causally or joking about it, but I can’t find ANY of the in depth material I had read before.

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This has actually been really frustrating for me because I have nothing to refresh my memory while writing this. I’ve found a few things here and there that are helping me piece the puzzle together again, but I know there used to be so much more out there.

I can’t even remember the first time I’ve heard this theory, but it’s become somewhat of a meme. I did find a video of Max Laughan, that ‘child genius’ from YouTube, touch on this theory, but I don’t think he’s the first to talk about it. I think originally it was some girl.

So did the world actually end in 2012? Well, it was the year scientists at CERN finally found the Higgs Boson, you know, the particle Stephen Hawking predicted could destroy the universe, or in his own words, cause the universe to “undergo a catastrophic vacuum decay.”


Well, what would happen if we destroyed the universe? Would we know? Maybe CERN accidentally created a black hole that sucked us in without us even noticing, and we’ve just been living in it. Some physicists actually believe this is possible.

There’s the old cliche argument that nothing has ‘felt right’ since 2012.

I agree with this. Maybe it has something to do with ‘growing up’ and getting older, but ever since then it seems like the world descends more and more into chaos each day. Time even feels faster.

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There’s some sort of calamity happening almost daily. Mass shootings only stay in the headlines for like 12 hours now. Did we all die and go to Hell? I don’t really believe that, but some people do. Maybe we’re in a similar situation to the characters in “The Good Place.”

Like I’ve said before, I think we live in series of simulations. Perhaps the universe was destroyed by CERN and our collective consciousness was moved into a parallel universe next door. It would be *almost* identical.


In fact, there are people out there who are reporting small differences in this reality and the one they remember before 2012. This is a phenomenon often referred to as the Mandela Effect. Below is one of the most famous ’ME’s.


The lovable cartoon bear family actually spelled their last name with an “a”: The Berenstain Bears.

Some people remember Febreeze rather than Febreze. Some people remember Sketchers instead of Skechers. Loony Toons instead of Loony Tunes, JCPenny instead of JCPenney. The list goes on. If these don’t look or feel right to you, you’re not alone.


The name comes from Nelson Mandela, whom many people believed to have died in prison in the 80s. However, to many peoples surprise, his funeral was national news in 2013 and he had lived a long and happy life.

Mandela Effects get much creepier though. Some people remember the Statue of Liberty being in a totally different location, that location being Ellis Island. It’s actually on Liberty Island.

The account uploading these strange pictures goes by the username of Auguste Bartholdi. That’s the designer of Lady Liberty herself. The account also sports his picture from the 1800s. He’s Google approved.


Apparently, right before the United States’ entry into World War I, the Germans committed the first act of terrorism on US soil. It was considered one of the largest artificial non-nuclear explosions to have ever occurred. I’m wondering why I didn’t hear about this in school?


Well anyways, a while back there was a viral thread on 4chan posted by someone who claimed to be one of the 23 scientists at CERN responsible for creating the Mandela effect. They claimed the planet was destroyed and we were placed in a simulated world.

However, the thing I thought was most interesting, was that whoever this person was, described reality as being like a set of Russian dolls, where there are worlds nestled within one another, or like we’ve talked about, ‘simulations’ within ‘simulations’.


The idea of ‘simulations’ within ‘simulations’ or a ‘multiverse’ is not something new. It has been a part of Eastern philosophy since the 3rd century. A quote by Alan Watts illustrates it perfectly.

“Imagine a multidimensional spider’s web in the early morning covered with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum…”


This also reminds me of the ‘Turtles all the Way Down’ myth, the story that the world sits on the back of a turtle, who’s standing on a larger turtle, who’s standing on an even larger turtle… you get the idea.

But anyways, besides the Mayans, there were some other people who predicted 2012 would be the end. One of these people was Terrance McKenna. Well, he didn’t necessarily believe 2012 would be the end, but he predicted there would be some ‘reality-rearranging’ event.

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He made this prediction using his Timewave Zero formula, which supposedly mathematically ‘decodes’ the King Wen sequence of the I Ching into something that graphs the fractal patterns of history.


The graph culminates in a singularity point of infinite complexity. To better understand this concept you can imagine a tape wrapped up in a spiral like you find inside a VHS tape. Time goes round and round in smaller and smaller loops until eventually, it runs out.


Is there another meaning to ‘the end of time’? Preston B. Nichols, a supposed whistleblower who wrote books detailing time travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base, claimed that they were never able to time travel past 2012 because they could find no future beyond it.


According to him there was a very abrupt wall there, with nothing on the other side. Whether he’s a crackpot or not, what I find interesting is he did this interview in 2014. Like it’s just a strange thing to say considering you’ve already made it past that date, right?

Stranger Things and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are actually both loosely based on those supposed experiments.

There’s also a theory floating around that we’ve reached the end of history.

The ‘end of history’ is a philosophical idea that has been talked about by such notable figures as Hegel, Marx, and most recently Francis Fukuyama.

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At the ‘end of history’ events still happen, but humanity has reached the end of it’s sociocultural evolution. This theory has nothing to do with time travel or simulations, but rather, the stagnation of human progress.

I just find it fitting that people think this is happening. It kind of fits the dream-like purgatory theme. It’s this theory I find most when trying to research the topic of the world having already ended.


If you think fourth dimensionally, or beyond linear time, we could say that the universe has already ended. The moment it began, the end was set in stone.

EAW3HCuXYAAS5x7Perhaps the universe is in a constant cycle of expanding and contracting, the Big Bang and Big Crunch happening over and over, and our souls are just taking a ride on the Cosmic Ferris Wheel. Thanks for reading.

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