Die Glocke (‘The Bell”) is the name of a very secret Nazi technological device. The only source for ‘Die Glocke’ is the books of Polish journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, who claims that Die Glocke is one of the German secret projects or Wunderwaffe.

For the first time, it is mentioned in his book “The Truth About Wonder Weapons”.  This topic has been popularized by several Western writers and conspiracy theory websites, linking “Die Glocke” to Nazi occultism, anti-gravity, and free energy research.


Nowadays, Die Glocke has become a legend for those who believe in anti-gravity, time machines, and space manipulation.

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Die Glocke is believed to have been developed by the Third Reich SS Research Headquarters Der Riese (Giant) (Project-Riese-Giant). The mine is located 50 km from Wroclaw (Poland), near the Czech border. Here also have been filmed a documentary called “UFOs: the Hidden Evidence.”

The device is described as metallic, about 3.5 meters wide and 4-5 meters high, and resembles a bell. Inside, there are two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a mercury-like substance that glows violet when activated. This mysterious substance is also known as 525 Xerum, Red Mercury. When activated, Die Glocke emits a tremendous amount of radioactive radiation, killing several scientists and various plants and animals during testing.


In reference to Witkowski’s interview in Discovery’s documentary film “Nazi UFO Conspiracy”, “Die Glocke” came with a ceramic cover, bell-shaped and two cylinders. After supplying the high voltage, the cylinders started rotating in opposite directions. Everything shows that it was a way to beat gravity.


Die Glocke was so secretive that the Nazis killed 60 of their scientists working on the project and buried them in a mass grave. The only reason we know about “Die Glocke” is that some SS general who led the murders, Jacob Sporrenberg, was tried in Poland after the war. His testimony first provided information about “Die Glocke”.

What happened to Die Glocke, whether it existed or was evacuated outside Germany, we do not know, but there is some speculation. Witkowski says that it was evacuated to a German-friendly country in South America or to the US as part of a deal between Americans SS General Hans Kammler.


While the true purpose of Die Glocke is unknown, there is a wide range of speculation – from anti-gravity to time travel.

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Jan van Helsing says in his book “Secret Societies” that technical details on the creation of a flying device were discussed at a meeting attended by members of several secret societies (Vril Gesellschaft, Thule Society, SS elite of Black Sun). Along with the technical announcements, there were expressions about receiving messages from the Aldebaran constellation.

One of the scientific contacts for well-known journalist and writer Nick Cook book “The Hunt for Zero Point” was “Doctor Dan Markus” (Cook says that real name of Dr. Markus will not be revealed, but he is a renowned and outstanding physics teacher at one of the best universities in the UK). Dr. Marcus points out that Die Glocke was a special rotary field generator and that SS scientists were trying to build something like a time machine.

The first one who  publicly announced such an attempts was Witkowski, following the testimony of SS General Sporrenberg which he got from a contact in the KGB. Later, Witkowski also got information from a Polish intelligence officer who had access to particularly secret state secrets. Witkowski tells about it in his book.

So far, the only evidence of the truth of “Die Glocke” is based on Vitkovsky’s testimony, the testimony transcripts he saw, and his comments on them. These documents have never been made public and Witkowski claims that he was only allowed to make notes and he could not make any copies. No other evidence has come to light yet.


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