From all the world’s oceans, only 10-15% have been explored. So what’s hiding in the rest 80%? Can there be any forgotten testimonies of lost civilizations? Is this why no one is in a hurry to explore the underwater world because discoveries might lead us to rethink our understanding of history?

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The anomaly of the Baltic Sea


It’s located in the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden at a depth of 60 m. This round rocky formation in 2011 was unveiled by the Swedish-based Space X diving team. They searched for shipwrecks but discovered something far impossible. According to the divers, the structure is located on the columns (which completely excludes its natural origin). On one side there is something like a staircase that ends in a dark hole. Many theories have emerged. It could be a crashed UFO or Nazi submarine base. The strangest observation was that the command equipment on the ship switched off when it was just above the anomaly.

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Japanese Monument to Jonaguni


It was discovered in 1986 near Jonaguni Jim Island at a depth of only 25 m. The monument consists of terraces and stepped forms. The largest structure is 30 meters high pyramid. There is a path around the structure and tools have been found. Perhaps they are remnants of the legendary Mu continent. The interesting part is that this place was last seen above sea level when the world was still in the Ice Age. It’s well known that humanity was in the Stone Age without the skills to build something like this.

Stones under the sea of Galilee


There is a strange circular structure under the water that exceeds the size of the aircraft in diameter. It is only 9 m deep. It is a cone-shaped structure made of basalt with an approximate weight of 60’000 tons, which is more than modern battleships. Possible age? 2’000 to 12’000 years ago.
If it’s location is strange, then the purpose of construction is a complete mystery.


Cuban underwater city


It was accidentally discovered in 2001 when researchers were working on the west coast of Cuba. Sonar equipment picked up many structures at depths of 600-750 m. The formations looked organized like an urban layout. There were granite blocks 2×3 m in size and some of them looked like they were superimposed. If we would consider that the structures sunk, it would have taken 50’000 years. Because of the depths of the structures, it is considered by many to be a natural formation. Because 50,000 years ago nothing like this was possible.

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The Bimini Road


The Bimini Road is a J-shaped underwater structure. It consists of about 50 stone blocks measuring 3×13 meters. Depending on the depth of their location, the age could be as much as 12’000 years (the end of the Ice age). Rectangular stone blocks create the perfect geometric pattern. It may be a natural creation, but its precision and scale could indicate its artificial origin. It is also considered as a possible Atlantic location.

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