What would happen if cats or dogs were able to speak human language, not just howl or bark? We would definitely find out how much Rex or Tobis loves us or how much Cat regrets to poop on the carpet at night. Do we «shine» such an opportunity?

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Of course, such a scenario could hardly ever become a reality, but recent advances in artificial intelligence technology suggest that the coveted dream of understanding what the furry pet of the family says might also come true. In addition, it won’t be long before experts are convinced that the technology will be available in the next decade, according to NBC news.

Currently, scientists and engineers are already working on translating animal-generated sounds and facial grimaces into language that people can understand. A system has already been developed that interprets monkey wounds and makes them understandable to humans or reads the sheep’s face to see if the animal is in pain.

Con Slobodchikoff, a biology professor at the University of Arizona, has concluded after 30 years of research on prairie dogs that these animals have an extremely fine vocal communication system that could even be considered language.


For example, these dogs emit high-frequency sounds to alert other members of the herd of danger. Slobodchikoff discovered that these sounds differ depending on the type of enemy and the size of the threat. In addition, these animals can combine sounds in different variations and even use them to tell the color of the outfit of a nearby person.

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With the help of his colleagues and programmers, the professor even managed to develop an algorithm that converts these sounds into pure English. Zoolingua, a company founded by Slobodchikoff, is currently trying to expand this technology.

I thought if it is already possible to translate what “prairie dogs” say, then the same could be done with dogs and cats, ” Slobodchikoff commented.

The professor’s main goal is to create a device that can be turned against an animal and instantly turn a dog’s bark or cat’s whispers into a language that people can understand, such as “I want to eat now” or “I want to walk.”

Being able to communicate with pets would not only strengthen our emotional bond with them but also improve their living conditions or even save their lives.

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