God does not exist – this is the final conclusion of the famous scientist Stephen Hawking in his latest book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”.

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According to CNN news agency, in his book, which was finished by Hawking relatives, the scientist answers questions that he has heard through his life. Among them, Hawking has stated that aliens exist, artificial intelligence is a real threat to humanity and time travel is possible.

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists of his generation, died last year at the age of 76.

“God does not exist. Nobody controls the universe,” he writes in “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”. “For centuries, people believed that disabled people like me were cursed by God,” he adds. “I think everything can be explained in a different way – by the laws of nature.”

Hawking died while working on this book. It was completed by his relatives and colleagues using Hawking’s personal archive.

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About God Hawking has spoken his whole life, but some of the answers published in the book are striking.

“There are intelligent life forms out there, but we should be careful about communication with them before we are more advanced,” Hawking writes.

Hawking also writes about time travel and other phenomena, assuming the possibility: “Traveling back in time might be possible.” He also predicts that in the next hundred years it will be possible to travel peacefully within the solar system.

“He realized that people especially wanted to hear answers to these kinds of questions,” said Hawking’s daughter Lucy Hawking.

Hawking’s final message to readers is hopeful: “Remember to always look at the stars, not your feet.”

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