In a new study, Swedish researchers have found a link between alcohol consumption and depression, meaning that people who drink a glass of wine a day are less at risk of depression than those who do not drink alcohol at all.

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In the study, scientists observed the lifestyle and habits of more than 5,000 people between 1998 and 2010. As a result, it was found that people with the best mental health drank up to 14 units of alcohol per week, equivalent to 10 pints of beer or just under 10 glasses of wine.

People who did not drink alcohol, on the other hand, were 70 percent more likely to be depressed.

Those who consumed more alcohol – up to 80 percent more likely to be depressed.

Although persistent and excessive alcohol use is perceived as negative for human health in most studies, there are several studies that justify the proportional use of alcohol.

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Indeed, in almost all parts of the world with a high average life expectancy, moderate daily drinking is a normal occurrence.

However, alcohol should not be seen as a universally positive thing.

Although the findings of this study are positive, regular alcohol consumption increases the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases, especially in women.

It is also unclear to researchers whether people in the study who were in good mental health, had a co-occurrence with alcohol, or whether alcohol was in fact their lifeblood.

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