It would be hard to imagine a smartphone without a camera. Taking high-quality photos and videos has never been easier. But that is not all that modern technology can do. This time it’s about Samsung’s new assistant, Bixby, and more specifically, “Bixby vision” created “for you to see more”. What does this mean in plain language?

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“Bixby Vision” is built into the Samsung camera and offers several interesting and useful things that promise to make the user’s everyday life easier.

  • Images – Searches for images that are similar to the one you are looking at.
  • Wine – Learn more about the wine year, recommended combinations with food and its rating by looking at the label.
  • Text – Translate or save text by looking at it.
  • QR code – Scan the QR code to open websites, download applications, and share information.
  • Location – See deals, reviews, and information about businesses and places near you.
  • Live Translation – Automatically translate text into an online preview on screen.

Bixby Sight goes hand in hand with other apps: Amazon for shopping, Pinterest for similar images, Foursquare for recognition of places and attractions, Google for translate and Vivino for recognition wines.

Seems intriguing? Definitely! Just how does it work in reality?

Of all the possibilities offered by “Bixby vision”, the most useful is the translation of texts. It is especially useful for those who travel frequently. Indeed, the easiest and now coolest way to find out what’s on the menu or on the road sign is with this app. All you have to do is turn on the application, point the camera at the text and it will translate to your Samsung smartphone screen. If you need to convert your text to an editable format, this is also possible.

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Since the translation is done with Google, it will not always be accurate, but overall assistant does the job well. Unfortunately, the full text is not always translated.

Users also welcomed scanning QR codes and recognizing wine labels. Maybe it looks amusing – standing in the store and researching every bottle with a phone, but if it helps to know more about this drink, why not?

When you scan a wine, the app displays its origin, year, user reviews, and information about which meal is best served with.

If wine exploration is not for you, ladies will certainly like the opportunity offered by “Bixby Sight” to virtually try different cosmetics. True, this is possible only in certain regions. Working with several world-renowned brands, ladies have the opportunity to test how well they are doing, such as red lipstick or blue eye shadow offered by a variety of brands. Once you have made your choice, your favorite cosmetic product can be purchased with the help of Bixby Vision and its partners.

The biggest disappointment was the recognition of the images. Recommendations sometimes vary several times within seconds, offering a very wide variety of objects.

Pointing to, for example, a banana, Bixby Sight saw it as a banana, but after a second recognized it as “food” and even “sofa.” The keyboard was recognized as a simple “device”, then an “office product”, and later, a “calculator” and a “phone”. Chocolate was recognized simply as ‘food’ and later as ‘fish’, while coffee with milk was recognized as ‘egg’. The pie, which might be more difficult to recognize, was considered by Bixby to be “peach” and “sausage”. Not even bread! It didn’t recognized glass of water at all but offered to find a similar image to the glass itself, though quite inaccurate, as the glass was likened to a flower vase.

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“Bixby vision” is on the right track. The application is still new and hopefully, it will only become more accurate over time. On your next trip abroad, be sure to try online translation, and those of you who are of age must play wine label scans – these are the two best things to do with Bixby Sight.

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