A fire causing birds, a connected human minds, a way to make the Sahara desert green again – these are just some of the discoveries that scientists have made in 2018. “Science Alert” brings together 9 exciting science facts that we didn’t know before.

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1. In Australia, predator birds are deliberately causing forest fires.

In Australia, at least three species of predator birds have been seen, using flaming twigs from already flaming fields to set fire to areas that have not yet burning. Locals have long been observing this phenomenon, but 2018 was the first time that it has been scientifically studied. According to scientists, predators in this way drive pray out of hiding places.

2. Its been discovered how not only quadruple Earth’s energy production but also how to green the Sahara.

American researchers have come up with estimates that covering the Sahara Desert with a solar cell farm the size of China or the United States and adding wind turbines could not only generate four times more electricity than the world currently consumes, but also that It could finally be raining in the Sahara and vegetation could recover. This would happen because, as observations have shown, large-scale solar cells and wind farms help to regulate the temperature near the earth’s surface.


3. The big heatwave in Europe brought several discoveries.

In the United Kingdom, dry hall marked the outlines of ancient structures, while in the Czech Republic, the fall of river levels made it possible for the first time to see so-called “starvation stones” with frightening warnings like “If you see me, cry” and dates from the 15th to 17th centuries, when long heatwaves wiped out the harvest and caused widespread hunger.

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4. Bird’s secret revealed.

The advantage of long and frequent flyovers around the planet is that birds can see the magnetic field. This year, scientists discovered that birds do this by using a special protein in their eyes.

5. Neuroscientists have connected the brains of three people, allowing them to exchange ideas.

Volunteers in the experiment played tetri. Experimenters believe that in the future it will be possible to create whole networks with connected human minds.

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6. Viruses literally fall on our heads.

Also, it is ongoing as millions of viruses populate the lower atmosphere much more than previously.

7. Scientists have confirmed the existence of a new DNA structure.

The familiar DNA structure with two twisted helices is only one of several forms of DNA. In 2018, for the first time, scientists have observed a structure similar to a knot in a living human cell. Scientists are still studying the functions of the newly discovered DNA structure.


8. Scientists have identified the driving force behind the darkest impulses in mankind.

German and Danish psychologists have developed a method for detecting the presence of “Factor D” or dark driving in humans. Factor D, according to the researchers, is made up of various human-specific abnormalities, such as the so-called “dark triad” (psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism), as well as egoism, sadism, stubbornness and others that form different sets in different relationships and combinations. You can also determine your “factor D” in an online test developed by researchers.

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9 Finally, scientists have identified the worst year in human history.

536 A.D marks the beginning of a bleak period in human history – gathering evidence from both glacial specimens in Antarctica and tree rings in Greenland, researchers have concluded that this year has seen a strong volcanic eruption that has eclipsed the sun for 18 months, lower temperatures, snow in the middle of summer, drought and general hunger. Four years later, a second eruption made things worse, and just a year later, the plague killed about 50 million people. Scientists found signs of recovery only around 640 A.D

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