“The Gateway Foundation” is currently working on a space hotel. They call it the first “Space port”, reports “The Science Times”. The company expects space tourists to visit it from 2025 onwards. According to the description of the space hotel, it will look like from the movie “Fifth Element”.

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The official name of the “Space port” is “Von Braun Rotating Space Station” and will be open not only to scientists but also to tourists who want to explore life in space.

It will be the largest man-made space construction to date and can accommodate up to 450 people, says Timothy Alatorre, the project’s chief architect.

The architect is inspired by Wernher von Braun’s ideas and science fiction films about space stations. He is fascinated by the way contemporary artists interpret humanity’s dream of spacecraft culture. Star Trek and Star Wars are among his sources of inspiration. In these films, he particularly liked how large groups of people can live in space and create their own environment and culture.

The ultimate goal of this space hotel is to create the most comfortable environment for visitors. It will have all kinds of entertainment options from shops, bars, and restaurants to sports and concert halls.

The Gateway Foundation said the space hotel might not be fully ready by 2025, but reassured that the size of the building and its main functions would be ready for launch.

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