The governments of the Ukrainian plane crash victims have called on Iran to take full responsibility for its unforgivable mistake and pay compensation to the relatives of the victims.

The Foreign Ministers of Canada, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Sweden, and Ukraine issued a joint statement after their meeting at the Canadian High Commission House in London.

“We have come together to demand resolution, responsibility, transparency, and justice” for the victims, said Canadian Foreign Minister Francois Philippe Champagne in London.

He said Iran has taken responsibility, but the real cause and those responsible can only be found in a comprehensive investigation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also called for a “comprehensive, transparent and independent international investigation”.

Canada, which does not have an embassy in Iran, has requested official status in the plane crash investigation. Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said on Wednesday, 15th of January, that two Canadian investigators are on an international team of investigators in Iran and have good cooperation with other parties involved, but the minister said he wanted to formally acknowledge their involvement in the investigation.

Garneau said the airplane’s “black boxes” are under Iranian control, but two other investigators are ready to investigate those records.

Iran initially blamed technical problems on the plane crash, but a few days later it admitted Ukrainian airline was hit by a missile from its air force.

The plane that flew to Canada and crashed shortly after taking off at Tehran Airport had 176 people all killed. These included 57 Canadian citizens, as well as 11 Ukrainian citizens, 17 Swedish citizens, four Afghan people, four British citizens, and Iranian citizens.

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