We’re hearing Elon Musk’s ambitious plans to populate Mars for a while now. Recently, the SpaceX CEO shared a series of tweets discussing his plans about sending one million people to Mars by 2050.

elon musk starshipMusk said that he hopes to build 1,000 Starships – the towering, two-stage rocket system that will one day land humans and cargo on the Red Planet. That means he has to build100 spaceships per year. The goal is to launch an average of three Starships per day and make the trips to Mars, available to everybody.

If Starship is built on its current design, it will be the most powerful rocket launcher to date. Each launch will send 100 tons of cargo and 100 people to space.

The Musk did not specify exactly what would be sent to Mars, but food, water, building materials and modern life support systems were a matter of course. So Musk estimates that a whole fleet of spacecraft will be needed.

The Musk rocket company successfully tested final security measures on Sunday, 19th January, clearing the final hurdle for NASA to attempt its historically first astronaut flight.

The test showed that “SpaceX” can safely end the mission if something goes wrong after take off.

The “Falcon 9” rocket with the spaceship “Crew Dragon” was launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida At 10.30 am, about 84 seconds after lift, SpaceX showed the Crew Dragon  ability to evacuate in an emergency.

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