History is full of events – some of them have made human life quite complicated, but scientists have found out which year was the worst for humanity.

A team of historians and scientists have found that in the year 536 AD and beyond, such a terrible series of events took place that this time deserves complete oblivion. Here’s what happened then:

“As a result of a massive volcanic eruption, a huge volcanic ash cloud overshadowed the northern hemisphere. It was dark as night, but the air temperature began to fall, destroying harvests and leading mankind to hunger, “said Christopher Loveluck, author of the study published in the journal “Antiquity.”

But that was just the beginning. A few years later, in 542 AD, when the population of the eastern regions of the Roman Empire was weakened by hunger and cold, people were attacked by bubonic plague.

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Today, with the help of glaciologist Paul Mayewski, the Loveluck team identified the source of this volcanic ash cloud. By studying ice samples from the Gnifetti glacier in the Swiss Alps, researchers were able to determine air pollution for 2000 years.

It was discovered that the devastating volcanic eruption did not occur in California, as previously thought, but in Iceland.

This eruption and the bubonic plague epidemic in year 542 caused economic stagnation in Europe, which lasted more than 30 years, until year 575, when the first signs of recovery emerged.

Lead particles, found in ice samples, evidence to the recovery. Lead was used at that time to melt silver, so the presence of this metal in the air and later in the glacier was proof that precious metal was once again in demand. It began to produce coins again, and by year 640 the European economy had already taken a major turn.

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“There is evidence of a complete transformation of the economy between year 640 and 660. One might think that 2018 is not an easy year for humankind, but it is good to see that we do not have to fight with bubonic plague under volcanic ash clouds, ” Loveluck added.

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