The time has came when we can [and need to] save or world just by simply staying home. As simple as it sounds as hard it actually may be.

Many of us feel a little “stuck” in our homes – planned vacations, and travels have been canceled, schools are closed and tourist hot spots are shut down. We are forbidden to meet our friends and family. Some are blessed to work remotely, others – forced leave…

For those of us who are used to a very mobile and dynamic lifestyle, this period of peace can be quite tiring, because energy is charged by socializing and attending various events.

To avoid a situation where we simply fall at the screens of TV and smart devices for several weeks, we have prepared some ideas for you to make your time at home meaningful.

Spring cleaning

In the spring, as the sun shines more and more often in the room, we notice both mountains of dust that have quietly accumulated, waiting for their release, and window panes, on which the rainy weather has left its mark.

Now that you have a lot more time at home – you can also start a big spring cleaning. Tidy up the closet, throw away old and obsolete things, wash the corners, clean the door handles, switches, windows, and lamps. Don’t forget to clean the jewelry too!

Bake a cake

Bake a cake or any other amazing or very simple recipe, your family will be happy! In addition, this can also turn into a great holiday activity with children.

Strengthen your immunity

Strengthen your immunity even if your daily routine is currently falling into the walls of the apartment and viruses seem far. Enjoy herbal teas, fruits, healthy smoothies, walks in the fresh air…

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Spend time with the kids

Spend time with the kids, playing board games, solving some fun math problems, or maybe cooking together – there are many things to do with the kids while on vacation at home! Holidays are no longer canceled!

Clean your social accounts

Although in the age of Instagrammers and Bloggers it shouldn’t be a problem, many people still have old, embarrassing pictures in their social accounts.  Go through your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or other sites and make spring cleaning also there.

Strengthen your six-pack

Strengthen your six-pack! It does not require a gym visit. Although you may be stuck at home right now, it will be summer very soon and you will be ready for it.

Educate yourself

Eight of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard and Yale Universities, offer 450 courses in 13 different categories – choose the ones you are interested in and study completely free of charge.

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Take time for self-growth

Do you remember the last time you could read a book, attend a course or just be quiet while listening to your heartbeat? There will come a time when we will be able to hurry in our daily activities again, but it is at this time that we can enrich ourselves by feeding the soul and mind with valuable knowledge.

Maybe this is the time to understand who you really want to be and your opportunities to improve your qualifications, find a new hobby or maybe even a profession.

Treat yourself with a homemade SPA

Going to a beauty salon delights almost every lady, but with a little imagination and creativity, it is possible to turn your bathroom into a harmonious SPA oasis, where you can release a tense body, soothe anxious thoughts and balance emotions. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Make a bubble bath with candles and a glass of vine of course.

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Why not please yourself with a relaxing face, collar or foot massage? There are many videos on YouTube where you can learn simple self-massage techniques

Treat your hair with a home-made hair mask or try a new hairstyle.

Treat yourself to a 10-step skincare routine you don’t have time for during a normal workweek. Your skin will definitely appreciate it.


Sleep! When will you have a holiday without big plans and a planned schedule from morning to evening? Sleep is extremely important for well-being and ability to work, skin, health and so on… Enjoy it!

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Play games

Play board games or video games! Choose a game that you will all enjoy participating in.  It will be fun!

Find a new hobby

Nowadays, thanks to modern technologies, almost any skill can be acquired and improved on the Internet. This is a time when, without remorse, you can indulge in what makes you happy – treat your family with delicious cakes, sew a dress for your mother or play the guitar, and everything you need to know, is most often one click away.

Finally, you have time for all those cool projects you saw on Pinterest and always wanted to try.

Travel from your couch

Walkthrough the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, watch the famous Madama Butterfly at the Swedish Opera or travel through the snowy fields next to the train driver. While attending cultural events and traveling for a while is impossible, take advantage of the internet and discover the world from your couch!

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Delete photos

Do you remember these pictures who are collecting in your phone gallery for many years already? Its time to get rid of them. Go through your camera roll delete unnecessary pictures and pick your favorite ones. Those you can print and make a photo book.








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