“Women have no self-respect and it’s so easy to use it” – No I didn’t make this phrase up.

This is exactly what I heard from a friend. A friend who is a wealthy, handsome “bad boy” with black BMW and literally that type of guy women fell for with naive idea to change him.

We, women, are pure souls. We believe what we want to believe not what is true.

We follow our heart to our exes house, we date married men because they will divorce for us, we think that he doesn’t text because he’s afraid of his major feelings towards us, we believe that the girl in his photos is his sister and when men say that he doesn’t have time for a relationship we hear “I want you to fight for me”.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but he won’t divorce, he doesn’t text you because he’s sleeping with someone else (most likely with the girl in the photo) and he doesn’t have time for a relationship because he doesn’t want you.

Here it is, the sad, cruel truth. But of course, we won’t believe it because we don’t want to believe it. We rather think up hundreds of excuses which justifies his action, convincing our selves and our best friends. After all, he is THE ONE for us.

If this story is not about you, congratulations. If it is, keep reading.

In the following article, I will try to wake you up.

Don’t read it, if you are comfortable in your illusion bubble because this will break it.

This is a story of how my friend came up with “Women have no self-respect and it’s so easy to use it”.

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It all started in Tinder. He met a nice naive girl and took her out to dinner. She worked at some fancy hotel reception and had free access to hotel rooms, where their date also ended that night. Also, the next two dates started and ended there. The girl was so in love that he didn’t have to spend any cent but he got from her everything he wanted. He started to use his power.

He used his free access to this hotel and took a different girl to the room. On next day he apologized to the first girl by taking her to the room. He said how sorry he was, that it was a mistake and he wants to be only with her. Next week he took a third girl, then apologized again.

He told me that he is in shock of how easy it is to use a women. That they don’t have any self-respect. You can do anything and they will still do anything for you if you lie good enough.

I imagine that the first girl was heartbroken, but still, every time he came with a new lady, she gave them the keys. Simply, because she chooses to believe him. She believed in their future, that she can change him, that he will love her and certainly they will have beautiful kids.

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She probably was crying at night. Thinking about what she did wrong, that she is not enough pretty or smart. One thing, she really didn’t have enough. Self-respect.

when you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect that from anyone else.

Be petty.

And no, with “petty” I don’t mean that you need to block him on Instagram if he doesn’t like your picture or start sentences with “I just think it’s really funny how …” Pettiness is good when it comes to your self-respect and you don’t want him to step on your head.

Another wisdom he lives by is “As worse you will treat a girl, as better she will treat you”. He has observed, that women can’t accept that someone treats them badly and starts to please this person in hope that he will change his attitude. This also explains why “Bad guys” are more popular than “Good guys”.


Now you probably think that he is exception jerk. Well, he is a jerk but not exceptional.

Women’s magazines and Internet portals will say that men are stupid, they don’t plan and go with the flow, but that’s lies. They are players. They scheme, they plot, they trick and make strategies. And most importantly they assume that women have no self-respect and they use it.

Unfortunately, I have seen many stunning ladies crying over unworthy guys, because they have decided to fight for them. Why would you fight for someone that doesn’t respect you? You are a Goddess. You deserve so much better.

Of course, he will treat you like trash because he doesn’t respect you. And the fact, that you let him do that only lower your value in his eyes.

You might think that if you will sleep with him enough times he will get used to your presence and catch feelings, but in the end, he will catch just another tinder match.

If he doesn’t contact you for several months sending an hour-long voice message just proves that he made the right decision. Don’t answer his booty calls at 2 AM. It’s NEVER a good idea to send heart-broken messages when you are drunk. Don’t wait for him at his door if he doesn’t answer your texts. Don’t humiliate yourself by forgiving cheating and don’t fight for him if you accidentally catch him marrying a week after your date.

Don’t torture your girlfriends over a guy they already told you to forget months ago.

Walk away from him while you still have your self-respect. Otherwise, you will lose both. After all, men worth fighting for would never treat you like this.

Unless he is rich and gives you gifts that compensates your tears. In the end, it’s better to cry in Bentley than a bus.

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Don’t believe your friends when they encourage you to fight over a guy who did everything in his power to get away from you. Most likely they just don’t know how to tell you the truth. Or they know that in the end, you will anyway choose to believe what you want to believe (that he will change and suddenly fall in love with you).

And always remember – all men are the same.

If you know good-guy who is a great catch and real gentleman to his lady, it’s only because of mutual respect.

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