If you have laid eyes on perfect men and now you are willing to build a happy and healthy relationship, you should be aware that it takes more than just love to make things last. Without a great match in bed and looking good in pictures together, partners also need to share a mutual foundation of respect.

Without respect, there really can’t be love, and if your intended is doing these things, it’s a sign he doesn’t respect you.

1. He doesn’t respect your time

He doesn’t care about keeping plans with you. He will cancel your dates without a good explanation or in the best case show up an hour late without apology. He doesn’t care if he keeps you waiting.

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Imagine the situation – you are already sitting in a restaurant where you have arranged a meeting, but at a time when he should already be sitting in front of you, he sends you a message that he will not be able to come because something has happened. Of course, an unforeseen situation can happen to everyone, but not regularly. Such situations show that you are not a priority in his life.

2. He doesn’t prioritize you

The second sign is feeling like his second option. He often takes too long to answer your texts, or simply forget about them.

signs he doesn't respect you

You will be able to schedule dates only if other plans won’t come around, and if they will, he will cancel you at the last minute.

Men will make time for people they respect, especially if it’s a woman they are interested in. If the only way that he’ll meet with you is on his terms, he doesn’t really respect you and is just spending time with you because other options are not around.

3. He treats you bad

Third sign, he will check how far he can go with you. How bad you will let him treat you. When guys are with a woman they don’t respect, they start acting like she should do more and more just to keep him around.


He will do things like ignoring your texts, canceling plans, maybe even checking other women, knowing that you are hoping for a committed relationship.

These guys gave out enough signs that he never respect you enough to commit. They don’t even care that they’re hurting you, so how could they possibly show you any respect?

4. He ignores you in public

When there are other people around you become invisible to him. He will rather spend his time with strangers than you. He has a habit of acting like you don’t exist, even though you give him all of your attention. That’s a strong sign that he doesn’t respect you.

signs he doesn't respect you

5. He doesn’t accept compromises

Compromises are one of the most important elements of a relationship, especially in a romantic relationship. In order to reach a compromise in any situation, understanding and respect are needed. If the other person does not accept your needs, that’s a bad sign. It reflects how much he respects you.

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6. He makes you feel unreasonable

When you will call him out about how wrong he is treating you he will laugh and mock you, making you feel unreasonable. There is nothing wrong wanting someone to treat you with respect and if he can’t accept that it’s a big red flag.

7. He doesn’t even try to be nice

He doesn’t care about your feelings so he doesn’t even try to be nice. He doesn’t try to support you or make you feel better about your self.

signs he doesn't respect you

8. He doesn’t respect your opinion.

Everything you say is stupid. You don’t have good taste in music, the films you like are trash and the books you are reading are boring.

9. He’s flirting with other women

Another sign that he doesn’t respect you is flirting with other women. Exes, Femail friends. Even your Waitress. A man who respects the woman he’s dating will make her feel like the only woman for him.

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Unfortunately but if he is open about being attracted to someone else — even if he tries to play it off as a “joke” — that’s a big red sign.

signs he doesn't respect you

10. He doesn’t respect your friends and/or family

Another bad sign is not respecting your close-ones. Your family and friends are the ground and support of your life. He should learn to integrate among them because these people are your life, yet he complains how stupid is your best friend or how annoying is your family.

Disrespect for them is also disrespectful for you.

11. He purposely hurts your feelings

No one is perfect, and sometimes people accidentally hurt others. Other things are if he does that on purpose. If a man does something that he knows, will hurt you, he doesn’t respect you and never will.

12. He constantly judges you

Nothing is good enough and he doesn’t even appreciate your efforts. Mistakes and shortcomings are constantly brought to light, nothing is forgiven and forgotten.

He makes little comments that lower your self-esteem. When you wear a short dress, he makes you feel like a slut. If you gain a little weight, he makes you feel ugly. When you drink too much, he makes you feel like an embarrassment.

This is the complete opposite of what should be done in a happy long-term relationship. It’s okay to be angry about mistakes, but if he tortures you over them that’s a sign of disrespect.

13. He doesn’t listen to you

It’s a bad sign if he never listens when you speak. He’s always paying half-attention to the television or his phone. You never have his full attention. He is just waiting for the conversation to be over so he can do something else that seems more interesting.

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If you often feel like he is only kinda-sorta listening to you, that’s a sign that he doesn’t respect you enough to give you his undivided attention, even when you really need it.

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