At a press conference on Thursday, April 23rd, President Donald Trump suggested that injecting disinfectants — which are generally harmful to the human body, or poisonous if consumed in large quantities — may help patients flush the virus from their system.

The statements have angered the medical community and doctors say the consequences could be fatal.

Trump made the statement immediately after William Bryan, the science and technology adviser to the Secretary of Homeland Security presented the study. In it, government scientists have found that ultraviolet rays strongly affect this pathogen, so it is hoped that the prevalence of Covid-19 could decrease in the summer.

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Bryan’s presentation also mentioned that disinfectants can kill the virus. The website of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control on room cleaning and disinfection explains that the most effective means of disinfecting surfaces and rooms are 70% ethanol solution and sodium hypochlorite solution, as well as other disinfectants that are effective against enveloped viruses such as 50 Products containing% isopropanol.

This was followed by a presentation slide with practical advice, including a recommendation to go outside (basing this recommendation on the benefits of the sun).

The study is about removing the virus from surfaces, not the human body.

When journalists asked Brian whether these results were reliable or whether further research was needed, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security commented: “We continue to work.”

Meanwhile, immediately after Brian’s presentation, Tramps came up with ideas.

Trump asked, “And then we’re talking about a disinfectant that can kill a virus in a minute. In one minute! is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning. It gets in the lungs” and continued “:” It would be interesting to check this. ”

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Trumps also suggested “putting on” the body with “powerful radiation, either ultraviolet or just very strong light. I think you mentioned that it has not been tested, but you will test it. And if you get light inside your body, you can probably do through the skin or otherwise… sounds interesting. ”

The last recommendation is in clear contradiction with the information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO does not recommend the use of UV lamps to sterilize hands or other parts of the body, as this may irritate the skin.

On the other hand, the first issue – injecting a disinfectant – is clearly contrary to common sense.

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