Hundreds of people have gathered at demonstrations in Berlin and Stuttgart on April 25th, protesting about the loss of freedoms and rights due to measures to protect the German public from the coronavirus.

Despite a ban on demonstrations, some 1,000 people in Berlin protested against restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the virus.

In Berlin, the demonstration took place at the Volksbuehne (People’s Stage) Theater in the city center. Many of those who wanted to take part in the protest were unable to reach the square in front of the building because it was enclosed by police trying to prevent congestion.

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Police repeatedly called on people to disperse and leave the scene using megaphones. Several protesters were detained but gradually dispersed during the afternoon.

The protesters represented a wide political spectrum, including well-known right-wing populists, members of the Eurosceptic Alternative to Germany (AfD), supporters of conspiracy theories, and other political figures.

This is the fourth Saturday in a row that such protests are taking place in Berlin, and this time 200 police officers have been assigned to maintain order.

In Stuttgart, 350 to 500 protesters gathered in the city center to protest against the deprivation of their fundamental freedoms.

The demonstration was hosted by Querdenken (Non-Standard Thinking) and its leader, Michael Balveg, said the pandemic had restricted fundamental rights such as the right to assembly and the right to freedom of thought.

This was the third such demonstration in Stuttgart.

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