Six monkeys given a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford are said to be coronavirus-free 28 days after sustained exposure to the virus.

This result is promising in the early stages of vaccine development, as the vaccine is also being tested in humans.

The experiments with monkeys were performed in late March by US government scientists at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Montana.

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Six rhesus macaques were injected with the Covid-19 vaccine, developed by the Gener Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group. Following the experiment, monkeys were exposed to a high risk of infection with Covid-19. The monkeys showed no symptoms of coronavirus after 28 days.

One of the researchers, Vincent, found that in terms of body structure, rhesus macaques are the closest counterparts to humans.

Meanwhile, human testing began last Thursday and testing is scheduled to run until September this year. The vaccine development phase is a long process and the fastest when it could be developed is in September.experiments


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