Scientists have developed a new type of blood test that will determine whether a person is at risk of dying within the next decade. The blood test can predict the future with about 80% accuracy, foreign media reports.

German scientists conducted a large-scale study and analyzed blood samples from more than 44,000 people from 12 European countries. The researchers identified 14 biomarkers, such as blood sugar, immunity, fat, and developed a “death index.”

“Death sentence”

Blood samples were studied at the Max Planck Institute for Biology in people aged 18 to 109 years. Initially, a number of factors that could contribute to disease and death, such as BMI and blood pressure, were examined and then developed and analyzed for biomarkers.

Hope for a healthy lifestyle

Doctor Joren Dylen points out that knowing your health assessment can help people start thinking faster about improving their health: “New blood tests show you how long you will live – as do your family and friends, who will want to help and extend your life. ”

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Scientists also hope that this test will allow doctors to make a more accurate human diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment.

However, the rating given is not constant – choosing a healthy lifestyle can extend life expectancy by up to half. “The assessment rather shows the state of current health and physical vulnerability – changing habits can lead to up to twice as long in life,” Dylen points out.

An exciting first step

Experts have called this study an “exciting step” but emphasize that for it to be validated and for doctors to start applying the new analysis to their patients, it will take many more years of research.

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Amanda Heslegree, Head of the Dementia Research Institute at the University of London, said: “Biomarkers provide valuable insights into what is happening in health and disease. However, only European patients have been studied and without further research, it cannot be extended to other ethnic groups. further work to adapt this rating scale to the individual level and use it in real-life situations. ”

The participants were divided into groups ranging from -3 to 2 – the higher the number, the more likely the person was to die soon.

Various blood tests are already available, but doctors can predict whether a person will die in the next year and operate with an accuracy of about 79%. The new test can determine the risk of death over the next ten years and has an accuracy of 83%.

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