Higgs Boson or particle of God – what is it in simple words?

The Higgs boson was found in CERN (same that is mentioned in the Da Vinci Code). In simple words Higgs boson can be compared with gossip that was launched in one large room, and everyone who was in it began to pass it along the chain. Already, physicists around the world believe that the discovery of the Higgs boson is the greatest discovery in the world of elementary particles.

They tried to explain the Higgs boson in simple words for a long time. In 1993, British Minister of Science William Waldgrave announced a competition for the simplest explanation of the Higgs boson. The winner was the party version. To understand what the Higgs boson is, you need to imagine a large room with party going on.

At some point, a person enters the room (for example, a rock star) with whom everyone wants to chat. When a person moves, several party guests follow him – it may seem that crowds are following him. At the same time, the speed of the rock star is lower than that of other guests. Party guests can unite in groups themselves – if in the crowd they begin to discuss gossip, then people will begin to transmit their hearing to each other, forming small groups/circles around rock star.

From the side it may seem that people discussing gossip look like a group of guests who have stuck around a rock star, but without the celebrity. In this explanation, all the people in the room are the Higgs field (area), the rock star is the particle(Boson) moving in the field, and the groups of people discussing gossip are the disturbance of the field.

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God particle – why is it called like that?

Whatever you call it, it does not change the essence. Higgs Boson was discovered at CERN, but was officially announced very carefully. Scientists discovered a particle of God, which was chased for half a century, but announced the discovery of an elementary particle, which could only be the Higgs boson. The following can be said about the discovery: if it is proved that the particle is the Higgs boson, then in elementary physics there will no longer be questions about the interaction of elementary particles. But the fact that scientists discovered the Higgs boson may lead to new questions in other areas of physics.

The particle of God that the collider found will not help in creating the perpetual motion machine. A time machine will also not be built, although the discovery of a particle of God has occurred. The value of discovery is only relevant for fundamental physics, while for practice it is not yet. By the way, many were afraid that the Large Hadron Collider in CERN would cause the end of the world, but this did not happen, so the consequences of the discovery for ordinary people are minimal.

Simply about Hadron Collider – why is it needed?

The Large Hadron Collider, whose value exceeds $ 10 billion, is a hadron accelerator. More than 10 thousand scientists from 100 countries of the world participated in the construction of the device. The first tests began in August 2008. The main thing that the Hadron Collider was looking for was the Higgs boson. And after 4 years a new particle, a particle of God, was found.In simple words – it was made to study particles. As you know, everything consists of molecules. Then it turned out that the molecules are not the final product. There are also atoms. An atom, as it turned out, is also a composite particle. Consists of a nucleus and electrons. The nucleus of an atom consists of neutrons and protons, etc. To find out what all this consists of, you need to disassemble these particles into parts and look. How to do it? If it is very easy to explain, they drive these particles into a pipe, accelerate them to a speed close to the speed of light, collect them together and see what happens.

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