Researchers have long signaled that humanity is rapidly degrading. Not only mentally and morally, but also quite physically.

This process can be more devastating than the ever-threatening dangers of nuclear war, any of the global epidemics, or ecological disasters. It is all happening right here, right before our eyes.

Humans have smaller brains than Neanderthals.

Researchers have found that the Paleolithic human brain was on average larger than ours. For Neanderthals, the brain volume was 1450–1500 cubic centimeters. The average brain volume of Modern men is 1425. For women – 1350 cubic centimeters. But for Cro-Magnon* , the size of the brain has reached 1880 cubic centimeters.

* CroMagnon Man’ is commonly used for the modern humans that inhabited Europe from about 40,000 to 10,000 years ago. They lived alongside Neanderthals for about 10,000 of those years.

Until recently, futurologists, judging the future human form, believed that the size of the human brain will gradually increase. Meanwhile, a decrease in physical activity will lead to a certain body form, similar to gray-green aliens – a large head and fragile body. But now it is becoming clear that a large head does not pose a safe threat to our species. Actually, in about 20,000 years, the human brain will have shrunk even more significantly!

Humanity is Degrading Rapidly
How scientists imagine the evolution of human face from history till the future

Some researchers believe that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon were universal beings, as life forced them to engage in all sorts of things – hunting, making tools and weapons and primitive clothing, obtaining fire, gathering food and medicinal plants, learning about the nature of animals, basic regularities of nature and much more. From all this, their brains gradually swelled, because there was an acute need to store a huge amount of knowledge and be able to apply it in everyday life.

As soon as the division of labor began, the development of the brain stopped.

This is evidenced by many modern phenomena. For example in the past, a doctor gave birth and took a tooth or an amputee’s leg. Now there are medical specialists of each specialization. So there are reasonable doubts that they would be able to do something in an acute need.

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Among other things, the world of science has come to an end when it was possible to meet researchers with encyclopedic knowledge who were able to leave significant traces in any field of science or even in all of them.

Leonardo da vinci
Leonardo da Vinci. A genius with encyclopedic knowledge. Photo:

Here, too, specialization has reached such proportions that a scientist has, in fact, resembled a factory conveyor worker. Each time, after a certain period of time, he simply mechanically screws only a well-known screw, thus spending virtually his entire working life. Nowadays one researcher studies only, for example, the legs of a beetle. The other – its reproductive processes, but in general, none of them have much to say about this insect. It is an exaggerated comparison, but the picture is basically the same.


The process of brain decline is still taking place.

There are other opinions too. A number of researchers believe that since the last ice age, humanity has simply begun degradation in all aspects. Resulting in a reduction in the size of the human body and, inevitably, the brain. Among other things, that has been said many times, the process of brain decline is still taking place right now. And in any case, it has nothing to do with natural cataclysms, smoking, deforestation, or similar things.

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Of course, there is a great temptation to explain the decline in the size of the human brain by some general decline in intelligence. However, most researchers believe that the “drying out” of the brain has nothing to do with It. The link between large brain size and potentially higher intelligence has never been denied. However, most likely, the development of intelligence depends on the number of neuronal interconnections.

Intelligence is largely determined by genetics as well as living conditions. If a person has been living in isolation since early childhood, without a constant connection with society and an influx of information, then even with a big brain, his intellect will tend to zero rather than develop. It would be difficult to take away access to information to a modern person, as information literally sneaks over from all sides. However, according to researchers, a person is obviously becoming very stupid very quickly.

Soon modern human will reach the IQ level of Ape.

Recently, Norwegian researchers have experimentally demonstrated this alarming trend. They studied the results of the Norwegian IQ (Intelligence Coefficient) test. It took place between 1970 and 2010 when young people joined the army.

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In total, at least 730,000 test results have been collected. It was concluded that during one generation, intelligence fell by an average of seven points. It may be added that this is indeed a very serious fall which has not been recorded even among Americans.

Human ancestor Lucy a tree climber
Human ancestor Lucy a tree climber.

Another group of researchers has compared modern man and the general level of education of the people of the Victorian era (1837–1901). In fact, it was immediately concluded that at that time people were generally much more educated. In addition, this study concludes that the average drop in IQ is at least 1.23 points every decade. If the process continues at the same pace, it will no longer be necessary to wait very long for a person to “progress” in return back to the level of great apes.

Many other researchers have highlighted the rapid decline in the IQ average on a global scale. For example, Irish psychologist Richard Linn of the University of Ulster compared the test results of Europeans, Americans, and Australians over several decades. He finds out that from the 1950s to 2014 IQ averages have fallen by three points. Elementary mathematics at least suggests that by 2110, the level of human intellectual development could fall by at least 84 points. That will be total mental retardation globally.

The reason for the intellectual decline is the law of natural selection. 

Researchers at Stanford University as the reason of intellectual decline name the decline in the power of natural selection law. Man doesn’t need Darwin principle for a long time already.

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There are virtually no people on the planet who have to fight for survival on a daily basis in a classic way. As a result, there is no need to constantly tighten the grooves of the brain, thinking about how to hide from predators and enemies, find food, make new tools and clothing, and more. The brain is the same as the muscles – if they don’t work, they gradually atrophy. As the need for the tensest thinking decreases, so does the human intellect. And this is exactly what modern society is caring for – the media, the web and, of course, the political propaganda.

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