The Jewish legends compiled in the Christian Bible tell the world that their God was the first on earth to create a man, Adam, and a woman, Eve. They lived in a Garden of Eden also called – Paradise.

Among other things, no matter how skeptical the educated part of humanity has always been about this fairy tale motif, a large part of modern researchers say that people should be more careful in their whining. It is possible that this true fabulous message about the events in the Garden of Eden may indeed hide the true motive of human origin. Just look in a slightly different direction.


Recently American geneticists have discovered something new. They have succeeded in scientifically proving that humans on our planet are indeed descendants of the ancestors of the same genetic code, Adam and Eve.

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These ancestors were located in one particular place. It’s in the south of present-day Africa, but not in the eastern part of the continent, as was previously thought. Thus, in South Africa, the hunter-gatherer population is most diverse when compared to other, mainly North African, populations.

All religious writings mention the existence of paradise on Earth

Researcher of Russian religion and the Orthodox priest Áleksandr Filipov, while studying ancient texts, noticed a peculiarity. It turns out that practically all religious writings mention the existence of paradise on Earth. In addition, many ancient books still contain very precise references to this.

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At least 15 years of research and calculations have taken Filipov to one particular geographical location in the Middle East. He is now convinced that the ancient paradise was located from ancient Babylonia in modern-day Iraq to the city of Mandla in central India.

A great river flowed out of Paradise and divided into four ‘sleeves’

Based on ancient religious writings and other documents of various nations, Filipov has also formulated a very specific general regularity.

Is there a paradise on earth
Location of the Garden of Eden

Literally, all ancient religious writings record that a great river flowed out of Paradise and divided into four ‘sleeves’: Pishon, Tigris, Gihon, and the Euphrates. Map of modern geography has preserved only two nearby flowing rivers – Tigris and Euphrates. The other two paradise rivers which are now known as the Nile and the Ganga have separated from them millions of years ago. It happened when the Pangea continent was breaking. With the division of the old Pangea continent, also old Paradise rivers which were very close to each other before divided.

Historians have recently found a unique map of the world made by Andrea Bianco, a Cartographer from Venice in 1436. This map shows only the old unified continent. The possible location of each country at that time was marked with a miniature illustration.

Is there a paradise on earth
Andrea Bianco world Map

Researchers are literally shocked that Bianco’s map shows a very specific reference to the place of paradise. It is highlighting it with images of Adam and Eve alongside the legendary tree of knowledge of good and evil. And there are also four rivers marked, and it is all signed as Paradise. It is therefore located in the territory of modern India.

Paradise might be in the sky

More than five thousand years ago, people began to discover new trade routes. With it, the science of cartography began to develop rapidly. The cartographers associated the first map of the earth with the map of the starry sky. Because even for very long distances, a large number of different constellations in both hemispheres of the Earth was always available and an indispensable landmark. Therefore, astronomical knowledge about the stars was in fact reflected very directly in the representations of the planet’s surface on the geographical maps.

Each constellation corresponds to specific geographical areas on Earth. Turns out that the constellation of Orion corresponds to the territory of modern India. Ancient legends of almost all nations tell that Orion was inhabited by those who in ancient times were called gods. Perhaps this is where the concept of “paradise on earth,” comes from. It is directly related to the cosmic paradise somewhere in the promised sky.

Many modern researchers are convinced that most geographic features on geographic maps are borrowed directly from the cosmic names of the constellations.

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And then a whole new hypothesis emerges. It states that there has been no paradise on our planet at all. Something like that has existed only somewhere far in heaven. The ancestors of the earthlings are really Adam and Eve, only they came from the depths of space.

Paradise is possibly a biological laboratory

Consequently, a completely new version of the cosmic footprint in human genetics has emerged. And, even now trying to read the Christian Bible, the modern educated and technologically well-equipped person according to relevant description, might get an idea that paradise is a specially guarded area. Possibly a biological laboratory.

is there a paradise on earthIn the still very limited imagination of a distant ancestor, the idea of gods living in skies and visiting humans on earth was much easier to understand than an idea about aliens. Perhaps there, in space, these peculiar “older brothers of mankind” then also experimented with the creation of homo sapiens using genetic engineering.

Thus, for centuries, uneducated, and religiously obscured people continued to blindly believe that paradise exists. And it is because of this deceived faith that for thousands of years people in various fields of science have been searching for the so-called lost paradise on Earth. And continue to do so now.

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