If something in this world takes on being, it is usually caused by something else. The book has an author. Music is written by the composer. The party is settled by the owner of the house. Everything that has a beginning, a reference point, has a reason why it began to exist.

Take, for example, the universe. Scientists once held the theory that the universe always existed and had no beginning. The cosmological argument now calls the Big Bang the beginning point, the beginning of the existence of the universe. Our universe with space-time – matter-energy had a definite and only initial moment of its existence. Since it did not always exist, but once appeared (there was a unique starting point for its beginning), it means that another reality caused its appearance or became the reason for its creation. “Mindf*ck”. 

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Everything that we see around has a beginning. God, however, belongs to a different category, and it should be so. God differs from everything in nature and in the life of people, from everything that is in the world in that he always existed, and existed independently of everything that He created. God is a self-sufficient being, independent of anyone, and nothing. That is how God is portrayed in the Bible, that is how God is revealed to people. Why should God be like this?’

Our universe cannot be explained in any other way. It herself could not bring to existence. It did not exist forever. And it could not be created by something that itself was created. But why not? It would be inconsistent to claim that the universe was created by God, but God, in turn, was created by God having a second-order power, who, in turn, was created by God having a third-order power, etc. As Aristotle argued convincingly, there must be a reality that serves as the root cause, but itself does not need the root cause (causing movement, but itself remaining motionless). Why? Because, if there is an infinite reverse movement of the root causes, then, by definition, the whole process would never begin.

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