Scientists have pointed out where it will be possible to survive apocalypse caused by the global epidemic, says “Novosti reports”, according to the “Science Alert”.

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Professor Nick Wilson of the University of Otago believes biotechnology breakthroughs could lead to a genetically engineered pandemic that is dangerous to all of humanity.

The risk of human extinction is probably rising, driven by factors that include technological advances (e.g., weapons of mass destruction, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology) as well as the dissemination of hazardous information.

As the scientist pointed out, in the event of a disease outbreak, the chances of survival will be virtually zero. However, if a person is in the right place during a disaster, it’s possible to survive.

As an example, Wilson cited an island that is naturally isolated from the spread of infection. The idea of islands as a refuge against catastrophic risks is not new and has been surveyed recently.

Islands possess many qualities that make them candidates for refuges in some existential risk scenarios (and not suitable for others). Due to their isolation and inaccessibility, islands have been identified as suitable refuges in a pandemic scenario.

In the top were considered the set of islands satisfying the following criteria:

  • the island is an independent sovereign state recognized by the United Nations;
  • it does not have land borders with other states;
  • it is not connected to other nations by a bridge, and it has a population of more than 250,000.

Some have argued that the minimal viable human population is in the order of 100–1000 individuals. But even with several thousand people in a refuge, only a low‐technology society would be possible. Furthermore, hundreds of years will be needed to regenerate a population of a million members and recreate technological civilization. Preservation of key knowledge and important skills and ideas over time is critical.

The study provides a list of 20 countries that could save people in the event of an apocalypse.

The safest countries in the global epidemic are Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland.

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