Friday, August 14, 2020

What is Feminism? Common Questions and Simple Answers

What is Feminism? The movement is more than a century old - several of its waves happened during this time, and women seem to...

How Google Affect Your Thinking

Obviously Google has changed the world and the way we work with information and the way we think over the last 20 years. Google,...
signs that he doesn't respect you

13 Signs He Doesn’t Respect You

Without respect, there really can’t be love, and if your intended is doing these things, it's a sign he doesn’t respect you.
women respect

“Women have no self-respect and it’s so easy to use it”

"Women have no self-respect and it's so easy to use it" - No I didn't make this phrase up. This is exactly what I heard...
God exist

Will Scientists Ever Prove That God Does Not Exist?

The question of whether God exists has plagued people's minds since the concept of God began and continues to do so. In recent decades, the...

6 Steps to Stress-free Christmas

It is no secret that preparing for Christmas can be very stressful. However, it should be remembered that this time of year should be...

What Not to Change in Your Life For a Man?

No matter how much you love him, no matter how long you are together, there are a few rules that every woman should remember....

8 Tricks to Improve Your Appearance!

We All know how important is your inside beauty, but let's be honest - without Good Look, no one will want to know your...

8 Popular Paradoxes That Will Make Your Brain Explode

The paradox is an absurd truth based on seemingly correct premisses and inference but leads to an anti-intuitive and unacceptable conclusion. They have existed...
how to stop loving someone

How to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back!

Loving someone is a wonderful feeling, but only if it is mutual! If your partner doesn't have the same feelings here are 7 tips...

3 Reasons Why Men’s Cheat

Let's imagine the situation when a man over forty who have been married for last 10-20 years starts to cheat. If we ask people...
what your car says about you

What Your Car Says About You

Have you ever cached yourself looking at a car and trying to guess how does the driver looks? Is the owner successful, smart and...
Top 7 Lies every traveler tells

Top 7 Lies Every Traveler Tells

Who has ever lied about how impressive a vacation has been, even though they want to delete a few moments from memory? No matter...

What Kind of People Choose a Cat as Their Pet ?

Psychologists think that one does not like a particular animal without reason. And when choosing this animal as his friend and pet, man is...

This Simple Question Can Improve Any Relationship

Choice of friends, spouses and other relatives in our lifetime is probably the most important decision we will ever make. And yet, relationships with...

Meaning of Different Colors

Color influences your choice… Color symbolism is the use of color to represent traditional, cultural or religious ideas. Choosing colors based on...

Get to Know Yourself! 5 Reasons For Our Anger

Anger is a devastating emotion. They affect not only those who experience them, but also those around them. On the portal,...

9 Interesting Differences Between Boys and Girls

Why boys pretend to be smart but girls pretend to be fools? How we choose our outfit? Why girls fail to win boys heart? Do boys talk about girls? Read Here.

Famous Psychological Test: Choose a Figure and Find Out The Most Suitable Profession

To get the best out of life, complete this quiz to help you find your way to success and wealth. All you have to do is choose one of these shapes. [...]
12 signs that you have a hater

12 Signs That You Have a Hater

Sometimes, there are people around us who get really jealous of our success. The reason for this is banal human envy. Haters suffer from an complex and don't believe in their abilities, so they are annoyed by the achievements and success of others. Usually these people are [...]